Welcome to Fire&Earth Fine Pottery. When you visit my Gallery here in Charleston, you'll likely find me working at my wheel, creating functional works of art, one at a time. You may also find me teaching a pottery class, because Fire&Earth is Charleston's original pottery studio. In fact we've been in the same charming, red brick building for over a decade. At Fire&Earth we offer the area's most fun and comprehensive pottery classes in wheel-throwing, to those interested in the art and craft of clay. For information on the classes offered at Fire&Earth have a look at the POTTERY CLASSES page. For inspiration take a look at the VIDEOS page, in which I cover a variety of wheel projects. If you have any questions about my work or our classes, contact me via e-mail, or call me at the studio.
-Kris Neal - Owner/Potter

We Just unloaded the kiln, stop by my shop and check out my new work. Here are a few pics from this firing!
Fire and Earth Pottery
fire and Earth Pottery
Fire and Earth Pottery
Fire and Earth Pottery

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Modern Day Artistry-
A century ago, there used to be artisans and craftspeople in every town and village. You'd find a blacksmith, a wood worker, a leather goods maker, a potter. Today things are very different, from strip-malls to the internet, things have become digitized and sanitized. But here at Fire&Earth Fine Pottery, we still hold onto tradition.Think of me as Charleston's Potter. 
Is it important to you to shop locally? When you purchase something I've made, you really are shopping as locally as you can, because everything in my shop is made one at a time right at my wheel. From a ball of clay, to a fully formed pot, then on to glazing and final firing in a 2300 degree kiln for ten hours or more. I guide each piece along the process, taking great care to make sure every detail is just right. Whether you need an amazing wedding gift that's one of a kind, or  just need a beautiful mug for you to start your day with, check out my shop, and reconnect with the proud tradition of craftsmanship. - Kris Neal
fire and Earth Pottery Clay Studio

Jim Roberson, our newest instructor.

Fire&Earth Pottery is growing!
Meet Jim Roberson, the newest pottery instructor here at Fire&Earth. 
Jim began here as a student more than 6 years ago, and I'm very happy to announce he's now teaching classes here. Over the years Jim has been an excellent student of mine, and become an amazing potter. Jim is a natural teacher, when not making pots he teaches pediatric respiratory therapy to nurses and fledgling doctors at MUSC. I'm proud to call Jim my friend, there is no one that could possibly better represent Fire&Earth Pottery. 
Fire and Earth Pottery Clay Studio

My Assistant Chelsea

My Right-Hand Girl!   
Say hello to my new Studio Assistant Chelsea. Many of you know her as a regular part of the Wednesday night class for the past year. Now, in addition to improving her throwing skills in class, she's graciously, and very fortunately for me, taken on many of the responsibilities that keep this studio running smoothly. Her positive attitude, artistic talent and natural organizational skills make her a perfect fit here at Fire&Earth!
Over the years I've been privileged to have sold thousands of mugs, bowls, pitchers, vases, teapots and countless other forms, to people all across the country. If you own one or more pieces of my work, I'd like to encourage you to email me pics of the pots I've made in their everyday use and surroundings. It's an amazing feeling to know that somewhere out across America and beyond, folks that have come to my gallery and  bought pottery from me are perhaps right now drinking from a mug I made, or serving from one of my bowls. I'd like to create a page of pictures of these pots as they look in their new homes.  
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